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MP-15KPAβX bubble point tester

Description:Pore size measurement of filtering material, filtration rating determination;
Process fiber recipe, process method of filter material, and repeated tests for filtration precision research;
Integrity check of filter element production;
When choosing filter materials, the identification on the pore diameter and filtration rating of the filter material;

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Product Characteristics:

1. Convenient to install the filter element or material
2. Filter element and material test state conversion is convenient (by adjusting three-way valve wrench)
3. Air pump installed,as long as 220V voltage socket is provided
4. Small size, convenient to move
5. Temperature compensation (The test result is not affected by the influence of the temperature change)
6. The test data continuously monitored (LCD screen), Test results intuitive and easy to understand
7. Printer installed
8. Test results can be long-term preservation for convenient query
9. With 6 kinds of filter material of filtering precision (Detection of computing)
10. Adopt the precision regulator, adjust the pressure more accurate and stable.
11. After the test, can quickly eliminate the test liquid in the filter, save the drying time.

Product Type Selection:

Test Object
Oil filter material and air filter material
Oil filter and air filter element
Various industries all plate filter material and filter element
Test Items
Integrity ( test the filtration material without damage, filter element joint&end cover bond no defects)
The first bubble point pressure,maximum pore size of the filter medium
Group bubble point pressure,average pore size of the filter medium
Filtration rating (more thanβ20 corresponds to the reference value )

Product Technical Data:

Max pressure 14.99kPa
Pore size


Thickness range of filter paper


(0.1-3)mm(more than this range for special fixture)

Test diameter of filter medial



Test medium


The isopropyl alcohol, industrial ethanol and other experimental fluid in standard
Minimum test pore size



Working pressure




Net weight


Dimension 470MM*430mm*750mm(Length * width * height)
Note: Isopropanol infiltration angle is zero, easy for calculation, and surface tension stability

Product Mounting Size:

The Application
R&D of the new product and for quality control department
Filter companies and users, factory testing center,quality inspection and supervision institutions

Test Tank
Thickness of the filter material over (0.1-3) mm, special jig,the test liquid can be custom made

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