hydraulic oil tank photos

Hydraulic oil tank

Description:1.1 Product material : 
Imported Japanese aluminized steel plate
1.2 Production method : 
Mold punching stretch forming
1.3 The welding way : 
Special welder welding
1.4 Corrosion resistance :
Excellent corrosion resistance of aluminum plate can ensure tank no rust in the life, so as to ensure that the hydraulic oil and hydraulic oil cleanliness
1.5 The electrical conductivity :
Excellent conduction performance, can effectively reduce the temperature of the hydraulic oil.
1.6 Tank internal :
Built-in diaphragm in the tank, increasing flow circulation path, can improve the effect of cooling, air separation and precipitation of impurities.

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Product Characteristics:

2.1 Integral fuel tanks
2.2 Separate tank
2.3 Open tank
2.4 Cosed  tank

Product Type Selection:

3.1 The capacity of the tank, that is, the oil level height is effective volume height 80% when the fuel tank, tank should be based on the system of fever, to calculate the heat balance principle.
3.2 Under normal circumstances, the tank has a capacity of rated flow of hydraulic system of the estimate.
3.3  Hydraulic Oil Tank  YX-50L-01 : 50L,80L,120L

Product Technical Data:

4.1 Suction hose and return hose should be far apart, as far as possible with a baffle between two pipes, and in order to increase the oil circulation, make the oil has enough time separation bubble, precipitated impurities, dissipate heat. Three-quarters of the baffle height for the best overall height of oil level.
4.2 The fuel tank of the return pipe should be located in the oil under the surface, in order to avoid the oil return oil shocks in oil tank liquid level, make the oil inside the bubble, cause cavitation, adverse effects of hydraulic system.

Product Mounting Size:

5.1 High anticorrosion performance
5.2 Good heat dissipation
5.3 Good filtering effect and high cleanliness 
5.4 Structure optimization of impurity separation effect is good
5.5 Compact structure suitable for vehicle
5.6 Return filter is with big flow rate, pressure loss≤ 0.5 Mpa, high-rating glass fiber element is adopted with high filtration efficiency, β10≥200, β5≥200. 
5.7 Pre-pressuring air filter makes oil tank under positive pressure status to reduce foaming phenomenon in return oil tank, reduce the bubbles in oil and corrosion phenomenon of oil

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